Podcast Proposal for SoHo Rezoning

How is the rezoning in SoHo affecting its surrounding neighborhoods?

In our podcast, we will talk about what gentrification is and how rezoning contributes to it. Specifically, we will focus on Soho and Chinatown, and research on what led to the rezoning of these neighborhoods. Our format will be an informational podcast in which group members will talk about what gentrification/rezoning is, how Chinatown/SoHo has been affected , comparisons to other rezoned areas and how to get involved. Our target audience will be the general public, especially those currently living in the affected areas in question. The podcast will open up with explaining rezoning and the results of gentrification. Furthermore, we will interview people who live in and around the area to get a first person perspective and ask for their thoughts about the rezoning. Additionally, we will include a comparison of the Downtown Brooklyn rezoning, and finally we will provide information about the resources people can use to get involved in the rezoning process.