Housing and Immigration

Research Question:

What significant effect has the immigration crisis caused to under-resourced immigrant communities and what are the city officials doing to help those living in these communities?

Our podcast is  addressing the immigration crisis that is occurring in NYC. During the podcast we are discussing the reason for the surge of migrants to travel up to New York. And before starting the podcast we began to do a series of research on the struggles that the immigrants are to deal with when there isn’t as many resources as possible to provide them with. We want our audience to be the people of NYC and those who migrant here as both parties are to be affected. As well as the general public who aren’t aware of what’s currently happening with the immigration crisis. We are also taking a closer look at the shelters and other locations where these immigrants are going to be staying. Whether it is because there is a shortage of a certain profession, an example could be less teachers and more students due to migrant families, or jobs that have certain requirements that migrants cannot fulfill, such as language. During our podcast we also address how people are feeling during this current situation. Towards the end we concluded with some reactions of how you would feel if you were asked to help someone who knows a foreign language. Would you help them or not ? We also discuss how students struggle to fit in and how teacher can help them and their families fit into a new community. During the podcast we also noticed that many families have struggled bases on the fact that they might not know English very well and questions like: How can teachers help these families out when it comes to reading an important paper ? Do those who just came to the United States struggle to make friends? How can the school incorporate extra afterschool programs so that there is more time for those who can learn fast and need the extra help?