The overall experience was great however we did encounter many challenges like trying to find the correct source and being able to use them accordingly as we where discussing many challenges in the immigration community. We believe that what worked well was being able to sit down and discuss about all these issues regarding to the immigration crisis like:


Shelters and housing

The public reaction

Government and politic figures

Students and teachers

Foreign Languages

struggles and hard times

We believe that we would approach this project differently if we were to do it again is by trying to actually have an engaging conversation with one of the immigrants who are struggles to fit in school , work or even in shelters. It is important to have the research done but it is also important to have a conversation with someone a 1 to 1 conversation and being able to learn from one another’s experience. In conclusion, we enjoyed trying to find these great information’s that later on helped us use as back up in our podcast.

As we choose this topic because we are coming from different backgrounds and speak different languages as the migrants. The way they are feeling about moving to a new country especially somewhere with a different language which they cannot understand.

We also began to find a series of sources about the government in which we used in our own podcast. We found that successful since we included that with the discussion of those who are working. What we noticed in our podcast was that there was a lack of discussion on housing and the plans for the immigrants regarding specific aids, work permits, healthcare, more statistics on the number of migrants like the workers on specific jobs. Just being able to provide these immigrants job opportunities so that they can pay there own bills. However we did go into detail about how they would feel about being here and working. There was more information about the schooling and education that the United States has to offer.