PhotoVille HW#2

My experience with Photoville took me to many emotions since every gallery was different in their own unique way. Some showed a documentary some shown objects that we could interact with, and of course, many photos were shown with much different media as well. I mostly liked how strongly the photographers were able to tell their message to the viewers with only one freight container for each exhibit.

I know I couldn’t¬†get a photo for one of the exhibit, but there was one which was showcasing¬†the photography work from the High School I went to. Including the same high school, my older sister went to.¬† It was High School of Art & Design and High School of Fashion Industries which had an exhibit together. Honestly, it gave me a sense¬†of nostalgia for me since I and sister would be filled with such an amazing time in our high school years. It was a good feeling having to know that both high schools are still doing an excellent¬†work on the art majors they have.

Another exhibit I found very interesting was The Wall Exhibit by Griselda San Martin.  This exhibit has gotten me to know more about the border wall that was built for the separation of Mexico and the United States of America. This has brought me tears of both happiness and sadness especially since my family is from Mexico and I have been told many stories of the struggles of crossing the border and how it was there only hope in order to have a better life. However in what Griselda san Martin had done which a project where she wanted to build an experience where people can interact with each other and try to neutralize everyone. It was warming feeling when there where photos were taken of people talking to each other through the wall. The only sad feeling it has brought me was the feeling of separation of hopes and dreams and family connections which will always be the main problem that the wall has caused.

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