Homework #2 Photoville – Irvin Cortes

Photoville is a pretty dope experience, I like where the location is being placed and how they used shipping containers as an exhibit. I was surprised like wow, you don’t see that much well I don’t know if they are events are like that. But honestly, this is the first time seeing something like this.

I’m writing while seeing the exhibit booth. I think I enter the back of the Photoville since I saw a number 45 on one of the exhibits. When  I took a couple of steps and I saw this broken mirror, it’s not really a broken mirror but it was a big shatter hole and it grabs attention because there was a reflection. While I was reading the summary, Internal Ballistics, it mentions the beauty of morally fraught objects: bullets. I’m like “Woah! Bullets?” And it also mentions what we know and the culture of guns and understanding of guns. One of the photos in the back grab my attention a lot because how it shows the damage of the broken glass and not just the glass but the contrast is what I like.

One of the booths has this surreal photograph and it shows a human arm where blood coming out on their wrist but the blood is dripping but forming a rose. I love surrealistic art, this is what I call surreal art and I read a mini background about the photo and it touches me and I’m like ouch I felt that. This gives a feel and being able to understand the story and putting yourself in that position.

What I like about Photoville is how organized it is. The booth in numbers, the description of it, also how there’s a brief section of the work and a mini bio about the photographer.  

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