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Learning Log 2 Indoor Light


This assignment in two of the images I used leading lines to attract focus to my object, The first image is a medium close up of my model where the person is in the center of the frame. The second photo uses natural framing to make the picture more interesting and focus the attention on my object. And the third image spontaneously I took out my cell phone, and I put it under my lens to create a beautiful reflection this resulted in creating leading lines that bring attention to my object.


Learning Log 1 Artificial Light Portraits


The first image was a coincidence, there was a person standing in front of the train’s exit creating a frame around the person plus a light on top of it which added a little more dramatic touch since there are parts of its illuminated and others do not.

The second image captures the model interacting with an object while it is illuminated from the back making the model stand out and the light also creates flares which give it a special touch.

The third image is the stationary model and the illumination comes directly from above, this creates that the face of the model is half shaded and the other illuminated. I Captured the photo at a lower angle to make the model look bigger.


Homework 01

Livio Lacurre (

I like Livio Lacurre work, because the style of his photographs is more natural and through his photos he conveys more emotions since he captures what is happening at the moment and does not focus on having perfect poses or having the perfect angle.  Also in his photographs he is always further away from everything that makes you appreciate more what is happening.  I also see that he likes to photograph through things or behind people making the photo have more contrast between the background and the foreground.