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HW #3 – Photoville


Chipped white paint and encroaching rust conceals the beautiful pieces of art from the people who glance and quickly walk past Photoville. I went around 6:15pm, right when the sun was getting ready to set. The sun hit the storage containers and a warm light lit up the photos and descriptions found right before you walked inside. #37, NO WAHALA, IT’S ALL GOOD caught my eye at first glance. Some of the photos were placed roughly in front of collage backgrounds filled with patterns. They were’t hung up perfectly like some in other containers and that’s what stood out to me. On top of the black paint inside, the pages that created the collage and the photo descriptions that wrapped around the creases created its own grungy and creative atmosphere.

LL # 1 – Artificial Light Portraits

In our last class we went out and tried to take pictures based on lighting and creating shadows in the dying light. The hard things I found was trying to find a good balance between moving dark environment and finding a setting that would capture the tone I was looking for. Blurriness was a little bit of an issue looking back some of the photos I really tried to play around with the aperture to see the cool tones and effects I could make as it got darker in the night. Overall it was a good learning session and I had a great time trying to figure the settings out.



Homework #1


Photographer’s Website:

I was drawn to this photo because I love the sea. I how beautiful and deadly it can be and this image captures the beauty and power of the ocean by showing the waves crashing on the rocks. The sky and water make it seem like its going to rain which elevates the mood. The mountains the back give the picture a lot of depth which I also enjoy.