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Learning Log #4 – Flash/Ambient

These are my three best photos. The technique being used for the shots this week were flash and ambient lighting. Similar to what happened with the lighting and the use of reflectors a few weeks prior, the outcome of the images light quality was impacted depending on how the light was being directed. The sunlight was sporadic in this instance, so the light setting of each shot came out slightly different to each other. In my pictures, the drastic change in the light that the umbrella applied is evident. A subtle light difference was made onto the areas of Kiara’s face that were obscured because of the darker setting of where the shots were taken.


Learning Log #2 – Natural Light Portraits


These are the three best pictures I chose. The use of the reflector helped a lot despite there being a diffused light for the setting. Adding in a slight illumination with the reflector applied a fairly noticeable effect onto the images overall appearance. However, the illumination mostly made up for the brighter light that the scene had already been lacking. Had the sun been able to cast a direct light, these portraits could have came out even brighter, revealing the finer details within the image. This is most noticeable in the first shot where I used “fill the frame” rule.

Homework #1 – Photographer Blog Post

Joey Lawrence’s,  “Harmless Harvest: An intimate portrait of Thailand’s coconut farmers” is the photograph that stood out the most. The irony of this being the typically mundane black and white picture is that it feels a lot louder than any of the others.

The sharpness of the translucent white sunshine and glistening reflection of the river hold the authority of highlighting every minute detail in the photographs black areas. The entire balance is working really well because of that effect and in turn, makes for a really relaxing picture. It becomes a good shot to just pause and let your mind wander, as you scan through its softly toned landscape.