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Learning Log #4 flash/ Ambient light

I really like these 3 photos that I took of my group partners because of the interesting wall behind them as well as the lighting aspect it shows. To take these photos I used the speed light and played around with it in each shot to see where it would get me. The speed light in the first shot was to the right of him and wasn’t as close as the third one which shows a lot of light but that was also because of how we changed the settings of the speed light. I really like how these photos came out and I like how ambient light really can make a difference for outdoor shoots which I never knew before.

Photoville HW

This photo stood out to me in a little container called ” Dumbo before Instagram” which was really intriguing to me because of how different yet the same it looks in the photos. This photo, in particular, was taken in 1972 and I love how it uses the gate to frame the manhattan bridge as well as using the rule of thirds with the person to the far right. The black and white in this photo really just adds to it which I find to be really nice. Going to photoville was a really cool and different experience from any other event that I’ve been to. It contained so many different photos and how all of those photos were to make an impact on you and make you really think about the things going on in different places. I genuinely enjoyed my time there and I’d definitely go again next year.

Learning Log #3

I really like these 5 shots that I took because of the fact that the people weren’t really paying attention and doing their own thing which I really like. I kept walking and trying to find people in places where I think it would look interesting for a photo like with the contrast in the first photo which I really like. This exercise we did was very nerve wrecking and awkward because people were everywhere and just kept looking. Though, they were too busy doing their own thing to notice what I was doing most of the time which was a relief.

Learning Log #2

I really like these 3 photos that I took because of the pops of light they have as well as the compositions. For the first photo that I took of Kiara, I wanted to pop in some light since it was pretty dark and there was no sun. I tried to pop in some on the right of her face with the reflector and I also wanted to show some of the pink flowers which I thought was nice. For the second photo, I wanted to have 2 of my partners be in it and decided to use the reflector to shine some highlights on their face as well. For the 3rd photo I wanted to fill the frame with my 2 partners in it and try to use the reflector again to get the highlight on their face.

Learning Log #1

These are my best 3 examples from todays shoot of Kiara Camacho. I really like these 3 photos I took because I like how it plays with the light and shadows on Kiara’s face as well as chest and shoulders. I tried to use fill the frame in the photos to take up the whole frame and make sure she was the main focus of the photo. I took these pictures with placing her under the trees and gate to get the perfect shadows of the leaves and tree. I tried to use composition and DOF in most of these photos as well.

Homework #1

The photo I chose to write about is called Time Stood Still by Alex Noriega and it shows landscape photography. I chose this photograph because I love landscape photography and because when I first saw this photo I immediately got drawn to it. This photograph grabbed my attention because of the natural colors it displays along with the mountains and scenic view it ties in. This photo has a wonderful composition of depth and an amazing view. I can tell this photographer has a true eye for landscape photography and enjoys it. I really enjoy this photograph since its so pleasing to the eye and so beautiful overall.

First Cell-Phone Picture

This photograph that I picked is called the First Cell-phone Picture by Philippe Khan in 1997 and I really like this photo because of how interesting it is to see how time has changed since the 90s, especially because now we have such advanced technology that each smartphone having a camera on it is just normal. I think Its really cool how this photo can tell a story and how much technology has changed since then. This photo was birthed by Khan connecting his flip phone to his camera and then wrote some code on his laptop and messing around and being interested in images and technologies that could share images in real-time. This photographers interest in images really altered the world today and how we use our cellphone cameras on a day to day basis as well as being able to share out photos and send it to as many people as we want.