Flatiron Tour

We will be meeting at Friday, Sept. 14  at 12:00 sharp in front of Shake Shake in Madison Square (Madison Avenue and 23rd St.)  I will be taking attendance at 12:00 on the dot.  Following a brief intro we will make several stops finishing up at Union Square.  Please see the map for details: Flatiron Tour. (The link is also available on the right side of our web page.)  You can text or call me in case of emergency: 917 749 0578.

Three students will be responsible for a quick description of the neighborhood as it relates to food and the following 3 stops:  Eataly, Maison Kayser, Union Square Greenmarket. Contact each other prior to class to divide up the duties.  This will count toward your final participation grade.  If you cannot make it, please let me know ASAP.

The three students are:

The students are:

Eataly: Jenicia √
Maison Kayser: Dale X
Union Square Greenmarket: Jonas √

Trip budget:
Eataly (6 slices focaccia): $23.10

Maison Kayser (3 bags of assorted miniature cakes): $14.85

Amount collected ( students 13 + 1): $60 (2 STUDENT’S PENDING)

Carry over to next trip: $32.05