We will me meeting at the Ditmarā€™s Av. Subway stop (last stop on the N/Q train) on Friday, September 28Ā  at 12:00 Ā sharp! Ā Plan on arriving before 12:00. Ā Meet in front of the Chase Bank ATM, at 2245 31st St. The tour will last 1 1/2 hoursā€“ or a little longer for those who are interested. Ā If you need to peel off at 1:30 you may. Ā A map of the tour isĀ here.Ā (

The following students will be responsible for giving us some background on the locations, keep your comments to no more than 5 minutes.:

Tell us a little about:
1. Dale: Astoria (a little history, who lives here, what kind of food can be found here),
2. NickĀ : at Taverna Kyklades, tell us a little what characterizes Greek food, andĀ  someĀ  typical dishes
3. Cai Kar: At Artopolis, tell us what characterizes Greek pastry and some typical desserts

Please check your email the morning of the tour in case there are any changes.

Trip budget:

Laiko: $24 for 6 pieces of spinach and cheese pie (cut into 24 pieces)

Sugar & Water: $21 for 12 fancy donuts (got 1/2 price!)

Total cost: $45

cost per participant: Ā (students + 1): $3.75

rolled over from previous trip: Ā $32.05

totalĀ collected: (11+1X$5=$60)

budget rolled over to next trip:Ā  $47.05