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Your main assignment in the Culinary Tourism class is to create a culinary tour of some food aspect or neighborhood of New York City. This is worth 40% of your mark. The primary focus of this project is a walking tour, though other elements (cooking class, meal, demonstration) may be included as part of the package. You will be working as a team of 4 students. The assignment requires 3 elements.

  1. Brief paper (500-750 words) by each member of the team:
    • Name of the proposed tour (e.g. Walking Tour of Hell’s Kitchen Foods and Restaurants)
    • An introduction to the tour
    • Profile of the intended customer
    • Description of the theme. (Details about the tour, type(s) of areas covered, areas of interest, type(s) of food/cuisine covered)
    • Reasons as to why you choose the theme
    • Proposed location that will be covered under the walking tour /theme.
    • Duration of the tour
    • Budget, that is proposed cost of the tour with itemized breakdown (food, transportation, marketing, other miscellaneous costs)
  1. Color brochure with pictures (1 page printed both sides and folded) promoting the tour OR website on Open Lab. This is meant to sell the tour to any potential customer.  For instructions on creating a site see
  2. Oral presentation.
    • Must be presented using MS PowerPoint, Prezi or similar program and include a map as well as photos and/or short videos of the proposed tour site. This should also include much of the same information as the paper, including the tour description, budget, etc.
    • Presentation should last no more than 15 minutes + 5 minutes for questions.
    • Upload presentation to your group’s page on Open Lab
  1. Optional elements:
  • Use of other audio visuals
  • Display boards/poster
  • Food samples

I will ask you to make a very brief outline presentation on your proposed tour approximately 2 weeks before your final presentation.

 Assignment Due Dates:


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