Food Firsts

One of your assignments in this class is to expand your horizons by trying new foods.  These could be things you’ve never tasted before (lamb kidneys? sea snails?), dishes you’ve never had (pierogis? summer rolls?), or cuisines that are unfamiliar to you (Malaysian? Senegalese?).  They don’t have to be weird or “gross” but try to challenge yourself!  You’ll want to include at least 5 by the end of the semester.  The first three are due by midterm (see syllabus) and the remaining two by the end of the semester, see syllabus.

To write the blog entry:
1. Go to the website and hit the + button on the top right and use dropdown menu to add a post or go to the dashboard and use the left-hand menu to do the same.
2. Give your post a title and describe your experience:  Where did you eat the food? Is it associated with a particular nationality, neighborhood, type of dining (gourmet, fast food, home cooking…)? Use specific language.  “It was good” or “I didn’t like it” doesn’t cut it. What did the food look like, taste like, smell like? Was the food creamy, crunchy, aromatic?  Can you compare to something else you’ve eaten. To add pictures click on the “Add Media” button and upload your image.
3. Click the “Food Firsts” box under categories.
4. Press the “PUBLISH” button.  (If you don’t do this nothing is posted!)

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