NYC Food Guide

This is where you will want to describe one of the locations we have visited.  Think of this as similar to  Yelp review.  It should be addressed to a wide public who doesn’t necessarily know or care anything about our class. You are each responsible for 1 post per each trip (a total of 5 posts and/or comments).

The way this works is that the first person to write an entry about a specific location should give an overall description, including address, etc. See my Beecher’s entry (under NYC Food Guide Posts) for an example.  The next person can leave a comment that is more specific about tasting a specific food or experience s/he had at the location.  All of this needs to be in your own words.  Be descriptive.  Rather than saying “delicious,” or “disgusting” try to evoke the flavor, smell, etc through more concrete descriptions.

To post the blog entry:
1. Go to the website and hit the + button on the top right and use dropdown menu to add a post or go to the dashboard and use the left-hand menu to do the same.
2. Give your post a title and describe your experience:  Where is the place located.  What is it?  A restaurant, market, specialty shop.  What impressed you (or not). Who shops/eats here.  How expensive is it?  Is it worth it? Did you try something?  How was it? To add pictures click on the “Add Media” button and upload your image.  Add an address and webpage if available.
3. Click the “NYC Food Guide” box under categories.
4. Press the “PUBLISH” button.  (If you don’t do this nothing is posted!)
5. Check to confirm that it has shown up under the dropdown menu “NYC Food Guide Posts”


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