Little Italy-Chinatown

We will me meeting outside of Lombardi’s Pizza  (32 Spring St @ Mott St) on Friday, October 26 at 12:00 sharp!  Plan on arriving before .  The tour will last 1 1/2 hours– or a little longer for those who are interested.  See map.

 The following three Students will be responsible for describing the locations:

(include brief discussion of NY vs. Italian pizza)


Umberto’s Clam House
(include it’s connection to the Mob)

(give a brief history of it’s origins, where else are there Chinatowns in NYC?)


Trip budget (10+1): $55

Carried over from previous trip: $


Lombardis (1 large Margherita): $

Ferrara pastry (1 1/2 lb pinoli cookies): $12.50
Total: $

Cost Per participant: $

Carried over to next trip: $

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