Week 4

As the month of June comes to a close, so did my last week of my internship.

 Photograph by: Kimberlee Rios
Apple by: Nature

It was quite an experience. I got to witness what it’s actually like to work as a graphic designer alongside a client and how businesses can be run in the real world.   It also went by faster than I intentionally anticipated it to go.

My final week I learned a bit about Visual Merchandising  which is something I didn’t know about previously. It essentially involves planning out the layout of the products, decorations, and accompanying advertisements that will be placed in/outside a business.  The client had a shipment of products and asked me to arrange the products in one of their locations in a way that was visually appealing. I decided to place testers next to a row of a product because testers encourage customer purchasing.

Graphic design related, I redesigned 2 5×7 signs showing the pricing for each of the beauty products apart of the store’s brand after having designed a menu for the services in one of the new locations of the store the previous week. I also redesigned a 8.5×11 flyer for a more popular product.

I had designed 2 posters the previous week for the client that they gave feedback on. They enjoyed one of the posters I made but requested I change the second as it didn’t fit the brand’s aesthetic. I decided to go back and read through the company’s Brand Look Book, which is a book/pdf that goes into details of the fonts, color scheme, logo usage, and everything else that should be done in order to make future designs more cohesive to a brand’s other designs and their general ethos. Taking the time to go through the look book made it much easier to make a new poster that fit the company’s brand. Research is definitely key to any graphic design process.


Image from: lovethispic.com

My last day at my internship I informed both the client and the company I was interning under that I appreciated them taking me on as an intern. I also offered to make any corrections/adjustments to some of the designs I did until it was completely satisfactory.  Hench I spent the next day working from home remotely, making minor adjustments and changes to the work I did throughout my 120 hours with the company.

With my internship completed, I am curious to see the future of my professional career once I graduate from college.