Week 3

My third week at my internship site was focused much on deadlines.

Image by: Kimberlee Rios Created on: Adobe Illustrator

I was willing to work remotely from home on Sunday in order to complete some additional edits on the packaging box for the client, making a version of the box to be produced in China. The following week after Sunday I was requested to change all the type into outlines to make it easier for the production team to make the actual product without worrying about fonts and so on.

 image from: Ron Porter at pixaby.com

I also designed 3 more things.

1.) I designed a menu to be used in the client’s new store location. I measured the board 8ftx4ft and on indesign I created a menu using the company logo, color scheme, and fonts.

2) I designed a poster promoting a eye serum cream that the business is selling.

3) I  created a poster for their London location promoting the opening of the store and the amount of media press the business has gotten.

I got feed back from my supervisor on how to improve the menu and the alignment of the posters.

The client wanted me to finish the requested work in a short time frame but I took much longer. I was told that it was important to make sure I finish tasks as efficiently as possible. This is something I realize I will need to work on going forward in my professional career.

 Image from: geralt on pixaby.com

I was also given the tip to obtain a spiral notebook or any sort of journal notebook where I could keep notes and most importantly, a task list. This would help me remember the details of what exactly the client wants in my designs/projects as well as keep me organized as I go through my various tasks throughout the day.

 Image from TeroVesalainen at pixabay.com

Overall it was an extremely busy week where much stuff had to be done.