From the Field

United Federation of Teachers – Print Shop

Me and my class went on a field trip to a print shop.

Caption: In this photo, stacks of paper are being cut and folded into envelopes.

  1. Something new I learned from this visit was that paper isn’t simply folded. The print shop had a specific machine known as the ” perforator master” designed to score cardstock to allow it to fold easier, reducing the amount of cracks that could form on the creases of the paper. This allows for a better looking print product for any clients. The machine also was able to create die cuts which creates certain printed material that need to be easily ripped off such as tickets or coupons.

Caption: The perforator machine with a sample green invitation that had been scored using the machine.

2. I learned that they have a specific person whose job is to inspect material that is being printed and make sure that it is being printed correctly. If something goes wrong (like a page in a book being printed upside down for example), this person must stop the printing process and go back to fix the format on the computer and print it out as the client wants it to look.

3. As a designer, it helped me realize how important it is to make sure your design can be properly turned into a physical printed material. Making sure your design fits the proper dimensions of the paper you may want it printed on and making sure the colors you use for your design can be replicated by the print shop’s own color printers, are two important ways to make sure your work is produced with the quality you desire.