My Summer 2019 Internship was an eye opening experience.

The structured days of college classes are very different from the actual experience of a real life job in graphic design or communications related in general.

I learned a lot from the internship that will help prepare me for the professional world post-college. Things such as:

1. Perception is everything

You may not care about how you look, but others do. Presenting yourself as well-mannered and capable is what will help you do well at any job you land and does wonders for networking. The way you dress should be a reflection of the company you work. The way you behave should always be calm, collected, and friendly. The goal is to perform well at your job and being a agreeable person helps you achieve that.


2. Deadlines matter!

Those in charge tend to be busy with work.  When you are just starting your career, your higher ups will want work done in a certain time frame. It is your job quite literally to get what needs to be done accomplished in the time frame it is needed. Being punctual with your projects will always impress your higher ups and thus beneficial  to your career. Besides, organizing yourself and completing work on time makes everything considerably less stressful than it would be if you allowed the work to pile up.

A good organization tool I was advised to do is to write down the list of tasks that are given to you in a day. Go about completing each tasks on the list and at the end of your work day, provide your supervisor with the list of tasks you’ve completed and the tasks you weren’t able to complete. Doing this helps you stay on track of your work and shows your superior that you are organized and gives them a better idea of how much you work and how you go about achieving these tasks.

In Conclusion

This internship helped me consider what type of job environment I want to be in post-college. Do I want to be a free lancer? Do I want to work for a large company? A small one? Non-profit? For profit? Considering the things I like in a work setting and what encourages me to put out the best work I can is important in allowing me to have a future career that is fulfilling to me.

I am also glad that I have knowledge of these things before I enter the work force. This will give me an edge in finding a job to individuals who may not know these things yet and prevents me from making these mistakes later on.

Self Relection Kimberlee Rios Summer 2019 Internship

(my self reflection in PDF formation)