Visual Quote

The quote I chose for this project was “Don’t count the days, make the days count” by Muhammad Ali. I picked this quote because I found it to be very inspirational and there are many ways to interpret this quote and to visualize it.

I chose to create this image because hourglasses give the feeling of time running out and having to take action. The quote is being restricted by pointless numbers which I used to try to imply the idea of not allowing yourself to be constricted by time. The falling words represent how you can’t wait for opportunities to slip by, much like how sand tends to falls through your fingers if you stay idle and do nothing.


For this image I decided to add the numbers concept again. The meaningless numbers cover and jumble up the important message underneath, showing how people can get caught up in the details instead of focusing on whats important. The message becomes a lot more clearer when the numbers are pushed to the side and are not allowed to hold the quote back.

I chose this image because it shows the passage of time in a different sense that doesn’t relate to numbers.  The people in the image are making the most out of a single day which exemplifies the meaning of the quote. The first part of the quote is in skinny feeble text that seems to be blending away into the image, like a person who doesn’t focus on making an impact while the second part of the quote is bolder and lively.