Week 2


Illustration credit: www.vecteezy.com


On Monday a group of video producers stopped by the client’s store to film a youtube video showcasing the services of the business. It was interesting to get insight into how videos are produced and how they complied the footage of the services and the interview of the client. I was requested to take BTS (behind the scenes) photos and videos of the filming process so the client could post it on their social media as a teaser for the actual video that will be uploaded onto youtube.

Image by: Kimberlee Rios Medium: Google slides

I was given a work related email where I have access to the company’s logos, color scheme, fonts, photography, and other design elements unique to the business. Later in the week I worked remote for a day because of some technical difficulties. During this time I worked  on creating a Flash Sale advertisement for the business that was to inform customers of discounted services for a limited time. The client needed the online ad in a certain time frame so I had to work swiftly and in constant contact with the client to create the necessary ad.

Free Vectors by www.Vecteezy.com                                                              Not actual layout used for the packaging design I helped edit but the image is somewhat similar to the layout the main graphic designer used.

I also worked on packaging for the very first time this week. The client wanted some minor changes done on the packaging of one of the products the main graphic designer worked on. These changes included:

  • Altering body copy & adding additional body copy
  • Resizing text & imagery
  • Fixing placement and alignment of elements
  • Fixing the color scheme of the box
  • Printing out a version of the box I updated and making a mockup so the client could see if the box was consistent in design.
Free Vectors by www.vecteezy.com

The aspect that was most difficult for me was matching color scheme as the indesign document didn’t look the same as the printed version. However, I reached out to the main designer and they helped me get the accurate colors needed for the packaging.

The more entertaining aspect of the project was making the mockup. It was placed on a outline so it was easy to cut out and piece together. This project makes me curious about learning more about field of packaging design.