Week 1: Kimberlee Rios, Dept. of Communication Design, NYCCT/CUNY, COMD 4900, 2019 Summer Semester


Art by: Danny Cole
Title: Give Yourself A Hug
Medium: Spray paint, concrete side walk

Looking through my Professor’s list of potential internships. I looked through multiple companies and applied to as many as I could. I was able to land an internship with Starbaby Enterprise. Starbaby Enterprise is a Film, PR, Marketing, and Event production company.  I first emailed the head of the company on Monday with my resume and called her on Tuesday. She accepted me and asked me what I was interested in. I said advertising and graphic design interest me. She informed me over the phone that I would be spending most of my internship as a personal assistant and a graphic design assistant to a client who owns a beauty related business.

First 3 Days On The Job

This client has just opened up a new store in a new location in Soho. I started on Wednesday and met the client who gave me more details on what the company is about, its services, and it’s ethos. I helped pick out supplies needed for the store.

Photo taken by: Kimberlee Rios
Black bubble tea with hemp milk: Space194nyc

Thursday was the grand opening where cookies and drinks were catered by an up and coming company whose business involves creating artisan coffees and teas. There were other fun activities like a bouncy house for kids and so on. All of these things were brought in to promote the business and bring in customers. I helped place signage in frames and  helped promote the business by talking to customers about the brand and company. Friday, I learned how to do inventory for the store supplies and how to process payments from customers. I also hand lettered out the business menu prices in blue and pink chalk pens on a big black board inside the establishment, it took me awhile to complete so I ended up staying overtime on Friday.

Art by: Kimberlee Rios (that’s me)
Title: What to Expect?
Program: Adobe Illustrator
Why did I create this?: For fun

When I took on the internship with Starbaby Enterprise, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. My first three days interning has been fast paced. It has opened my eyes to how advertising isn’t only about graphic design, but it involves networking and dealing with business too. It was also interesting getting a look into the beauty industry while working alongside a Starbaby Enterprise client. I witnessed the client interact with and hire a photographer to take pictures of her products to sell on her website. I saw the cross-collaboration between her beauty business and the entertainment industry as she has some interviews and photoshoots lined up for well known companies like Refinery 29 and Beauty Insider. I am personally not well versed in the beauty industry/make up world and learned a lot about how people in these fields run their business and the types of services they provide. If I am to pursue a career in advertising, I need be experienced in working with a wide range of clients from various backgrounds and different target audiences.