Ethical Reasoning Journal Entries

Entry 1:  Ethical Guidelines related to Internship Site

On my first day at my internship site, I was given a brief overview of the client that Starbaby Enterprise was working with. The client mentioned that I would sign a basic NDA before starting my internship.

I was given a specific email that was related to the client’s business to use only to correspond with the client and to access important design documents stored in the company google drive. I had the ability to use the company specific color schemes, company fonts, and photography in order to help edit graphic design work the company was in need of.

The company often uses 2 specific fonts in their design work. When I was working remotely I downloaded these fonts to complete the projects requested of me. Having read the AIGA ethical guidelines on font usage, I know that the company has bought the license to use these fonts and that I should only use them when completing work directly for the company. I shouldn’t use the fonts to distribute my own work unless I also acquire a license for the same fonts on my own. However, if I did acquire the fonts with a license i’ve purchased myself, I am not allowed to share these fonts with friends/family. They would need to acquire a license themselves if they wish to use them.

I also used photography of models acquired by the client. I am not to use the photography for whatever purpose I want. In accordance to the AIGA guide, I must be aware of the agreement between the photographer who took the photo, the models, and the business that is using these photos. The models must sign an agreement that their image will be used for a specific purpose. The photographer has a written agreement with the business on how often the business can use their photography and for what purposes. For instance, the photos I am using when designing are for online advertising and for print materials such as posters. I am not allowed to take these images and use it for a personal project or share it with another client.

The logos of the company can’t be altered without company permission. The set color scheme and some variations found in the google drive are the only logos I can implement in designs unless told otherwise.

Entry 2: Copyright Readings & The Fairey Case

The readings helped make me more aware of copyright and how important it is to correctly source the work of others.  Previously, I have used other’s work such as photographs found on google to use in school projects when designing a magazine or calendar for instance. It was important to credit the photographer or artist in the design itself , preferably next to the work or right below it, and clearly show what was their work and what I did.  Copyright was even important when writing essays as you have to make a bibliography that credits/sources the writers/researchers of the documents/readings you referenced to write your paper.

The Fairey Case was an instance of the designer not being fully aware of copyright and how to correctly source others work. Him lying about his use led to a lawsuits which costed him dearly.  This case helps exemplify the importance of being familiar with copyright guidelines and going the extra mile to make sure you are correctly sourcing others work. It also clarifies how you create your own written agreements/terms if another company or individual wishes to use your originally created content.