Course: Contemporary Issues in the Fashion Industry
Professor: Dr. Nazanin Munroe
Course/Section: BUF 4700-OL85 Asynchronous ONLINE 3 Credits

Catalog: A senior-level seminar course. Students investigate a specialized topic or topics related to the fashion industry. Research, discussion, and weekly readings culminate in a final paper and presentation. Themes vary each semester. The objective of the course is to examine current practices in the apparel industry, with a close look at developments in textiles and manufacturing as an integral aspect of the industry’s trajectory.
Topics are divided into 3 modules + final project, including but not limited to the following:
• MODULE 1: Ethics and Fair trade in apparel manufacturing
• MODULE 2: Sustainable apparel companies and sustainable alternatives in fashion
• MODULE 3: Smart textiles as a rapidly developing sector in the apparel industry that overlaps with science and technology
• FINAL MODULE: You will create your own business plan for an original apparel company or
product that addresses two or more of the issues covered in the class, based on original research

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