About Kimberly!

I identify myself as a strong and independent young Latina that is looking to build a career in the fashion industry, and have my own business in the future. I identify myself as a loving daughter, sister and friend. I am a kind and honest person who loves helping others when they need it, and who is always available to give out advice and emotional support. I am a creative and passionate individual that works hard, and that leaves her heart in everything that she does. I describe myself as an ambitious person that is serious about her career goals and her improving her professional skills. Even though I am not as outspoken as I could be as, I am a passionate and creative introvert that has good listening and observation skills. However, I am working on being more outspoken by working on my self-trust, attending networking events, interacting more with people, and practice to improve my communication skills. I might say that I am a patient person, but at times, I tend to rush work as way to finish it faster which in times it might affect my work performance. I am improving this by reviewing always carefully my work, taking the time to edit, and correct any mistakes to make sure my work is the best it can be.

I am very organized as I love taking notes and writing out my day-to-today activities/duties in order to perform them better. When it comes to group projects, I have always loved helping others and keeping everyone on the same page, like a leader. However, often I struggle with leadership when it comes to taking control of  situations in which I need improve more. I am improving my leaderships skills by attending leadership development seminars, listen carefully, follow instructions, pay attention to details, and take initiative. Overall, I am just a young woman who is still learning to live her life, who deeply desires to become the best person and professional she can be, and who is always looking to improve her weaknesses.  I am a person that needs to learn to live in the present and not in the past, and learn to heal from hurtful personal experiences. I am a survivor, a fighter and a strong young women.