Final Project: Advertising Campaign



                 G-5 agency represents five individual women coming together to help make a positive impact in the business world. We want our clients to feel understood and empowered by our services. Every business has a vision for their company and we are here to bring it to life. G-5 aims to create a unified and successful working environment. We are ready to cater to our business clients’ needs and create a highly successful campaign.  

We G-5 agency have signed an agreement to acquire DevaCurl as a long-term and loyal client in the industry. Their business makes hair care products that focus on creating and improving curls. Our G-5 firm was interested in DevaCurl because of its positioning as a brand “to meet the needs of all women with curly, super curly and wavy hair.” DevaCurl has built an incredible platform domestically and internationally. We are committed to providing the full resources of the G-5 agency’s global platform to help the company continue to grow its franchise.