Position: Social Media Coordinator

About the company: Luxe Kurves Magazine is an online lifestyle publication for “kurvy” and plus size women, and trend setting men. We showcase the elegance and style of these women and men in fashion, beauty, entertainment, music, health, travel, politics, and more. Our vision is to be the #1 lifestyle source for women of color in the plus-size industry; and our mission…to showcase this lifestyle in such a way that it enhances self-worth and expands the minds of our readers.

This internship for college credit was remote and the headquarters of the magazine where located in San Diego, California. This internship began in August, 2021 and it total up to 250 hours of work for the magazine. At first, I worked closely with the supervisor in a daily basis for content approval and guidance. As time went by, I took over the social media platform to create daily content in both the Instagram and Facebook. Even though, the internship was remote, I always made sure that I was communicating properly with my supervisor, asking questions, and reporting myself to work.

Responsibilities and Duties

Check in with supervisor for approval before uploading the social media content. Research/create content to post for Facebook and Instagram and schedule the content in a content calendar. Either create content from scratch or find relatable content to repost for IG and FB stories. Perform social media engagement on both platforms (comment and like posts from followers, respond to direct messages (DMs) and redirect to supervisor). Stay up to date and research current social media trends, research and contact influencers to feature on the platforms, check for any mentions or tags from followers. Make sure to reply to any comment from followers on any of the posts.

Samples of my work

Inspirational post about body positivity
Thanksgiving post
Sunday reminder / self-care routine
Monday Motivational Quote

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Letterhead from the company