My Brand Logo

This e-portfolio is a collection of my best and most important work during the four years that I attended college for my B.S. in business and technology of fashion. This portfolio shows my improvement, growth, and understanding of the fashion industry through carefully curated projects that were completed in major courses. Receiving my B.S. degree will be one of the biggest achievements in my life, since I will be the first generation of college graduates in my family. This e-portfolio signifies my passion, the commitment and the persistence that I’ve had during these past four years as a fashion student in the New York City College of Technology.

The work displayed in this e-portfolio highlights fundamental knowledge obtained in e-commerce, trend forecasting, textiles, retail, merchandising, marketing, fashion and business management. The most significant work that I’ve completed was during my junior and senior years of school in the New York City College of Technology. Major courses such as textiles, trend forecasting and social media, contemporary issues in the fashion industry, gender dress and society, and international retailing helped me determine who I want to be in the fashion industry.

My most exciting work was highlighted in these junior and senior major projects as I improved my research, writing, and communication skills, aside from gaining valuable knowledge about the fashion industry. This e-portfolio points into several directions such as graduate school, a fashion related job, and entrepreneurship. I am going to take all the knowledge that I have obtained combined with my passion, discipline and commitment into a job position, to develop my future business, to improve my professional skills.

My Brand Image Logo

I originally designed this logo to have both my first initials and my complete name as I feel like it represents me more. I decided to choose two different fonts one for my initials and another one for my full name because it represents important traits in my personality. My initials are in a bold black font named “Noto Serif Display ExtraC” because the boldness of this font represents my seriousness and maturity. However, my full name is in a flowing cursive black font named “Halimun” because it represents my style, which is both elegant and stylish. The flowers surrounding my first initials and full name symbolize femininity, fragility and love. As I am a loving person who is often fragile like a flower, and who likes to be feminine.

The white background combined with black letters are two essential colors that I really like because they are classic, genderless, and they go well with anything. The white color to me represents prosperity and peace as this is the state of mind I am always in. On the other hand, I choose the absence of color, which is the black, because I associate it with power and confidence. As every time I am in black, it makes me feel powerful and confident in myself especially when I get  complimented when I’m wearing it.