Blog 7 – Internship Trip/ Role Model


While doing my internship, I met several people during a photoshoot. I wouldn’t consider them role models because the trip was work related. However, it was an experience I enjoyed a lot that made me feel how important photography as a designer really is. To simplify, I believe the most influential person during my time interning in the Office of Image and Visual Communication was my supervisor. He taught me a lot of things. He taught me the importance of photography as a designers. He brought back my admiration/ talents for photography by constantly making me take photos and assist him on some of his photoshoots. ¬†Overall, my eye for taking photos has greatly improved since I began my intern.


Its has been a great and excellent experience interning in Image and Visual Communication. I have gain confidents in myself working as a designer and I will continue to intern with the Office of Image and Visual Communication to open a network opportunity for future job offers.

Thank you for the time spent in following up with my blog during my intern.


Blog 6 – Intern Self Evaluation

I believe so far I have had a great experience working in the Office of Image and Visual Communication. I feel that my being prompt has gradually improved over the past month. Maybe its because I know its all about being professional but every morning I am at work early and ready to work.¬†I believe I have pushed myself a bit since this is my first time doing an internship. I have had a lot of time working on texts¬†layout in a 10 pages spread¬†in InDesign, and as well as creating a social media Instagram Ad design. I think this helped me in understanding the importance of “detail oriented”. I believe working in the Office of Image and Visual Communication made me realize how important photography is for a graphic designer. I am happy to say that my generic and layout skills, as well as my photography skill have improved a great deal over the past month.

Blog-5 – Intern Proj_City Tech 20page Annual Report

Hi my name is Kenneth and I’m working at the Office of Image and Visual Communication. I am currently assigned to create a 20 page Annual Report for New York City College of Technology for the year 2015. Every year or so, city tech¬†redesigns their annual report. This year, I am task with this major project. I’m not certain if I will be working with others in this project but currently, I am working alone.

From my previous post, I created thumbnail sketches for the annual report to get a feels of how I would like to position my text layout when working in Indesign. Today, I am placing all the text I will use for the annual report in a respective layout format for a 20 page annual report in Indesign. Working in Indesign, I set up my format to create a 10 page spread, 6 columns, and with .25in margins. I have a lot of text to work with. I haven’t been assigned any images to use for the text so I will use¬†placeholder images for now as a substitute. It’s my first time creating a 20 page magazine layout format in Indesign so I am very excited to take part in this project. Here are the amount of text I am going to work with.

Annual Report BodyText 1 Annual Report BodyText 2 Annual Report BodyText 3 Annual Report BodyText 4

I created a layout in Indesign for the city tech annual report. I am waiting to receive the images to use for the annual report from my supervisor. I will probably receive the images sometime this week or next week. But before that, lets take a look at the Indesign layout using all the text I have to work with.

Annual Report Indesign Layout      Annual Report Indesign Layout 2


             4 page spread (page 1 Р8)                                            4 page spread (page 9 Р16)


Annual Report Indesign Layout 3      Annual Report Indesign Layout 4

2 page spread (page 17 Р18)                                     2 page spread (page 19 Р20)

I placed all the text that will be in the annual report in a layout format using InDesign. As you noticed, there is a lot of negative space. Some of these negative space will occupy images. I have used some placeholder images to get an idea of where the images will be. And of course these placements can change in time.

Although there are a lot of text in an annual report, you can also see a lot of images. My next task for this project is to come up with ideas for the design feel of the City Tech 2015 Annual Report.

Seeing how heavy this Project is, my supervisor assigned an additional Intern to work with me for the City Tech 2015 Annual Report project. Now the load is split between the two of us. I will work on the first 5 page spread (10 pages) of the City Tech Annual Report and the other intern will work on the other 5 page spread (10 pages) of the Annual Report.

Its time for more research.  I looked through a lot of design books. Books like Graphic Design 97 by Martine Pedersen, Great Type and Lettering Design by David Brier, Fresh Ideas in LIMITED BUDGET design by Betsy Newberry and Kate York, and TYPOGRAPHY EIGHTEEN by Watson-Guptill. All these books gives some ideas of what to think about when trying to come up with ideas for a design as a graphic designer. I have been co-ordinating my Indesign layouts base on the ideas I think about.

Blog 4 – A day at work/learning

A typical day at work for me is usually like how I would expect it to be. I get to work at 9pm. Greet everyone Good Morning, meet my supervisor and begin on a assigned design task. For example; I am currently assigned on a task to create a 2015 annual report 20 page design project for the school. I began my task by researching design images on annual reports, creating design layouts formats in Indesign and any other resource I could find in design books.

Layout Design Reference

Then I made thumbnail sketches of the 20 page design layout for the annual report. After making thumbnail design sketches, I showed my supervisor. Then, I had to create a layout in Indesign base on my thumbnail sketch design work I did and show him the following day for review.

Idea Sketch - Thumbnail Layout 1 Idea Sketch - Thumbnail Layout 2


Later on in the day, I assist my supervisor on a Photoshoot. My task was to make sure the lightening is right when he is doing a photoshoot in the design studio. I am learning more and more about the industry as the day goes on and I have to say, it feels really good. In my next entry I will post up a bit of my task at work to get an idea of what you do at work during your internship work hours. Until next time, take care.


Blog 3- culture of my workplace

Its my third day here at the Office of Image and Visual Communication, and I must say, it feels really good to be working here. The dress entire here at Image and Visual Communication is a bit formal and informal. What I mean is, its up to you on how you want to dress. At work I have notice at least 3 staff members who dress informal everyday and the other staff members dress formal. If you dress informal however, I recommend professional style of informal and by that I mean no graffiti t-shirt or baggy jeans, rip jeans. Dress clean, plain blue or black jeans with a nice plain color (blue, white, black) t-shirt.

However, I like to consider myself professional so I tend to dress formal always at all times. I work in an open work area but I have my own workstation/ desk. A typical employee workday is, you begin work at 9am and end work at 5pm. Around 1:30-2:30pm is usually lunch break hours. Everyone have lunch separately, unless they decided on a group lunch.

My-Work-Station WorkOffice-Printer

Blog 2 – Company-Intern-my role

Its my first day as a graphic designer in the¬†‚ÄúOffice of Image and Visual Communication‚ÄĚ. My supervisor is Mr. Al Vargas. Working in the Office of Image and Visual Communication was simply by chance. I was recommended by my professor to look into¬†the Office of Image and Visual Communication; a design studio affiliate with New York City College Of Technology. I sent in my resume and portfolio. I got in touch with Mr. Al Vargas, my supervisor. Immediately, I was called in for an interview the next day at the Office of Image and Visual Communication. I had a long interview with Mr. Al Vargas. I was asked several questions about why i would like to work there and how I can contribute to their design team. I was ask to show some work samples including sketch work, personal project with explanation of what I have done and why I did it.

After the interview, Mr Al Vargas was impressed by my work and productivity. He ask me, when I would like to begin working. I smiled and said “If its okay with you, I would like to begin my internship today”. And so, I started working immediately at the Office of Image and Visual Communication.


Blog 1- Process/ company-Intern

Hi, my name is Kenneth. I work as a graphic design intern for the ‚ÄúOffice of Image and Visual ¬†Communication‚ÄĚ.¬†The company is small in size. The company is a private design studio affiliated with New York City College Of Technology (NYCCT) and its¬†located in 16 court st. A walking distance from NYCCT. There‚Äôs about two instructors, three interns including myself and several other staff members not related to my department.¬†The company‚Äôs primary business is to advertise, promote and expose City Tech‚Äôs reputation given by the City Tech‚Äôs Foundation Department. Some of their work projects includes¬†subway ads, magazine ads, annual reports and video promotions.

Upon my arrival into the Office of Image and Visual Communication, I felt a feel of excitement rushing through my vain. Its my first intern as a graphic designer, and my body could feel it. Not because I am nervous, but because of the opportunity. This is my time to show what I have learned through my years of study. Improving from every task is simply a bonus along the way. Please look forward to my next Journal because this is just the beginning.