Blog 3- culture of my workplace

Its my third day here at the Office of Image and Visual Communication, and I must say, it feels really good to be working here. The dress entire here at Image and Visual Communication is a bit formal and informal. What I mean is, its up to you on how you want to dress. At work I have notice at least 3 staff members who dress informal everyday and the other staff members dress formal. If you dress informal however, I recommend professional style of informal and by that I mean no graffiti t-shirt or baggy jeans, rip jeans. Dress clean, plain blue or black jeans with a nice plain color (blue, white, black) t-shirt.

However, I like to consider myself professional so I tend to dress formal always at all times. I work in an open work area but I have my own workstation/ desk. A typical employee workday is, you begin work at 9am and end work at 5pm. Around 1:30-2:30pm is usually lunch break hours. Everyone have lunch separately, unless they decided on a group lunch.

My-Work-Station WorkOffice-Printer

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