Blog 7 – Internship Trip/ Role Model


While doing my internship, I met several people during a photoshoot. I wouldn’t consider them role models because the trip was work related. However, it was an experience I enjoyed a lot that made me feel how important photography as a designer really is. To simplify, I believe the most influential person during my time interning in the Office of Image and Visual Communication was my supervisor. He taught me a lot of things. He taught me the importance of photography as a designers. He brought back my admiration/ talents for photography by constantly making me take photos and assist him on some of his photoshoots.  Overall, my eye for taking photos has greatly improved since I began my intern.


Its has been a great and excellent experience interning in Image and Visual Communication. I have gain confidents in myself working as a designer and I will continue to intern with the Office of Image and Visual Communication to open a network opportunity for future job offers.

Thank you for the time spent in following up with my blog during my intern.


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