Blog 2 – Company-Intern-my role

Its my first day as a graphic designer in the “Office of Image and Visual Communication”. My supervisor is Mr. Al Vargas. Working in the Office of Image and Visual Communication was simply by chance. After several ins and outs searching for intern in several companies, I was recommended by my professor to try my luck with the Office of Image and Visual Communication. I sent in my resume and portfolio. I called up the office after several hours passed, and no one answer. I repeated the process as the days passed and finally, I was able to get in touch with a supervisor Mr. Al Vargas. Immediately, I was called in for an interview the next day at the Office of Image and Visual Communication. I had a long interview with Mr. Al Vargas. I was asked so many questions about why i would like to work there and how I can contribute to their design team. I was ask to show some work samples including sketch work, personal project with explanation of what I have done and why I did it.

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