Blog 1- Process/ company-Intern

Hi, my name is Kenneth. I work as a graphic design intern for the “Office of Image and Visual  Communication”. The company is small in size. The company is a private design studio affiliated with New York City College Of Technology (NYCCT) and its located in 16 court st. A walking distance from NYCCT. There’s about two instructors, three interns including myself and several other staff members not related to my department. The company’s primary business is to advertise, promote and expose City Tech’s reputation given by the City Tech’s Foundation Department. Some of their work projects includes subway ads, magazine ads, annual reports and video promotions.

Upon my arrival into the Office of Image and Visual Communication, I felt a feel of excitement rushing through my vain. Its my first intern as a graphic designer, and my body could feel it. Not because I am nervous, but because of the opportunity. This is my time to show what I have learned through my years of study. Improving from every task is simply a bonus along the way. Please look forward to my next Journal because this is just the beginning.

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