Aural Topographies: Pattern Mashup

This part of the project was fun, but difficult. At first, I had to draw 12 thumbnails, 6 staccato and 6 legato. I drew more than that.

photo 1

photo 2

Then I had to pick 3 legato and 3 staccato out of these 12.

photo 3

After that, I had to mash them up. This part was difficult. I get every picky with my own work and want it to be perfect. I ended up being abit behind cause I could not make up my mind but I did it. I went through changes throughout my drafts.

photo 2Drew it out on my sketchbook.

photo 1When I got frusrated and wanted to start over. I went back to my first drawing though.

photo 3Before I started inking. I made a few more changes after this.

photo 1(3)Done.

photo 3(1)

2 thoughts on “Aural Topographies: Pattern Mashup

  1. Jenna Spevack

    Great work, Kayla! Your final mashup really shows evidence of your iterations. Individual graphics are really compelling and I “hear” them, but some improvements here might be to repeat the graphics more than once or twice to create rhythm of more depth.


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