GoPro HERO4 Session VS Polaroid Cube

GoPro HERO4 Session Commercial –

  • Statement-Be active and do what you love with the product.
  • Running time- 4:44
  • Genre/Tone-  Fun, Action
  • List VFX/SFX/VO- 0:00-0:05 Sound effects. 0:06-4:44 Music playing in the background.
  • Effective? Yes because it is showing the product being used and the user enjoying it. Also the different uses the product has.


Polaroid Cube-

  • Statement- Check out this new camera by Polaroid Cube.
  • Running time- 1:00  41 Shots (Including text and graphic shots)
  • Genre/Tone-  Informational
  • List VFX/SFX/VO- 0:00-1:00 Music playing in the background.
  • Effective? It was informational but only have 3 frames that show how it looks when the camera is being used.





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