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Final Project Commerical

  This commercial if for the GoPro HERO4 Session. The message this commercial is sending is for […] See MoreFinal Project Commerical

GoPro HERO4 Session VS Polaroid Cube

GoPro HERO4 Session Commercial - Statement-Be active and do what you love with the […] See MoreGoPro HERO4 Session VS Polaroid Cube

Commerical Product Research

I believe that the GoPro HERO4 Session is a good camera for customers looking for a lightweight, […] See MoreCommerical Product Research

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You seem to have a good understanding of this project. I can definitely see the illusion of a […] See MoreComment on "Group 2: Shifting Value in Color"

Comment on "Free-Study #2 (Based on Ben Snead’s work)"

This is an insanely creative piece. I like your idea of departure and arrival and how we all […] See MoreComment on "Free-Study #2 (Based on Ben Snead’s work)"

Comment on "Prismatic Color Studies #1 & #2"

Your broad range prismatic colors are very nice but I feel the narrow range needs a bit of work. […] See MoreComment on "Prismatic Color Studies #1 & #2"