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Final Project Commerical


This commercial if for the GoPro HERO4 Session. The message this commercial is sending is for women to have fun and be active using the GoPro HERO4 Session. It is all about women empowerment.This commercial includes animation that follow the females throughout there actives. This is something GoPro has not used yet in any commercial, so i thought it would be a good idea to bring something new to this commercial. There are no live audio or sound effects. However, there is a song in it called, Dub Trubble by Silent Partner(From YouTube Free Music Library). This is a 30 second commercial that will be shown on sport channels and on youtube.

Here is my First Draft Storyboard:

1 2

Here is the Final storyboard:


Here is the Animatic:

Commerical Product Research

I believe that the GoPro HERO4 Session is a good camera for customers looking for a lightweight, simple and waterproof camera. It take video/photos with a push of a button. It also is durable. No need to by a case to protect it because it is built with one. It has a Multi-Shot mode where multiple shots can be taken, depending on the different setting you set it on. It does not have a built in screen.However, you can watch your videos on the app by connecting to the built in WIFI in the camera

I actually have this product. I take it with me when I do ice skating and planning to use it in the summer.I even took it to a WWE event and the shots were amazing.

Here is the product page:

Here is their demographics:

Research Of Term Sandbox

 Sandbox game is a open-world game/free-roaming game where players can roam freely or can complete objectives/missions in the game. In Sandbox games, players are given missions/ task to complete. The players can also play online with other players, completely mission or designing the world in the game.
Examples of Sandbox games: 
Garry’s Mod- Sandbox
Grand Theft Auto series
Red Dead Redemption
Assassin’s Creed
Top 10 Sandbox games
Example of Sandbox Gameplay

IMG_2564 Thumbnail from youtube

Assignment 4 -Suspense Story

Amanda sits in bed watching a scary movie. She suddenly hears a sound. She pauses the movie and hears nothing. She continues to watch the movie then hears it again. She pauses the movie and waits to hear the sound. She hears it! Then she hears something else. Something growling while something else hits the walls and floor. Amanda puts her phone down and puts her head under the blanket. She continues to hear the sounds. She closes her eyes as she hears the sounds getting closer and closer. Then it sounds. She waits a second then peaks her head out the blanket. Her dog jumps on to her bed happy to see her. Amanda jumps and then realizes it was her dog the whole thing.










Assignment 3- Project 1(Park Story)


STORY:Two women in their 20’s sit at a bench in a park during the afternoon.¬† They have conversation about men. As they laugh together, they spot a man working out in the distance. He was a muscular and only wearing workout shorts and sneakers.¬† ¬†Everything looks like it’s in slow motion for the two women. They stare, looking at his muscles and sweat dripping from his broad chin. He moves his hair back while finishing his workout.¬† The man notices the women and starts to walk towards them. As he makes his way, the two women notice and beginning to fix their hair and put some lip balm on. He walks slow like bay watch. He finally approaches¬† them. He talks off his headphones and speaks. He has the more squeaky voice. The women’s jaw drop and they look at each other. They giggle at how shocked they were but still invite him to sit. End




Shots 1-7

Shots 1-7



Shots 16-19

Shots 16-19

Storyboard Concept Assignment 1

Pixar used storyboarding right from the beginning. They use it as a plan to show the characters and the story. First, they started with hand drawn storyboards. They continue this until the story is fully developed. After that they take it to the computer. They start to animate it. They add color and detail. Next they add the audio. The audio must sync with the animation. Finally the film is complete. With this processes, you are able to plan everything out before bringing it on screen.

In this link, they show how their storyboard looks when you take it to a computer.


Assignment #6

This assignment was made for someone special who passed away from breast cancer two years ago. So I took a moment where I lite a candle for her. I used paint for the background and everything else was made Illustrator. I enjoyed making this and hope she is in the sky enjoying it as well.

photo 2(10)

The bottom piece is where I got the colors from and the top piece is my finished piece.

Paired Color Identities Free-Study

For this free study we had to work with a partner. My partner and I had to create a pair of squares that showed color interaction. In the middle of the square, the center will be a icon that represented her partner. Also the colors that is used for the outside box is a color that represents your partner and the inside icons color is a shared color.  For my partner I picked a dark red for the outside and a tiger for her. For me she picked a elephant and pick a blueish color. I had printed out just a few ideas of how our assignment would look, but the colors did not come out correct.

Paired Color Identities Free-Study (For me, made by my partner.)

Paired Color Identities Free-Study (For me, made by my partner.)

Paired Color Identities Free-Study (For my partner, made by me)

Paired Color Identities Free-Study (For my partner, made by me)

Group 4 : Shifting Hue and Value

For this assignment, I had to shift hue and value. At first I understood what I had to do, although sometimes I couldn’t see it. When I tried to do the assignment on my own, I was stuck for while trying to figure out how to start. I looked at the example posted on my professors website and then started doing a few pairs that showed this. I chose one and this was it.

Shifting Hue and Value

Shifting Hue and Value

Group 3 : Shifting Hue, Not Value

Now this group was difficult for me to understand. Sometimes I couldn’t see what others saw in the colors or I just couldn’t get the right colors. In this assignment, I had to use hue to make it look like its the same color when set to gray scale. I played around with a few colors, and my out come was this:

Shifting Hue, Not Value

Shifting Hue, Not Value