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Blog 8

On a more recent project that I was working on I had received a new audio file and script to start working on for a new animation segment for the video. While I was listening to the audio and breaking each section up on Apple Motion I noticed that the audio didn’t match up with the written out on the script and that there was something mixed up. So first I double check where the audio change and didn’t match up and then I marked it and told my supervisor about it.

He then listened to the audio and read the script and realized that I was right and that the audio wasn’t matching up so he then spoke to our copywriter who also recorded the audio voice overs and he was very skeptical about having made that mistake because he had written and recorded it all.

I remember thinking that it was an awkward situation since I had to point out his mistake and he didn’t believe that he was capable to make such mistake and that I had to wait while he listened to the audio and found the mistake I had pointed out. After he realized that there was definitely a mix up he sorted out how to fix the script to match the audio file and rewrote the descriptions for the animation.

Luckily I had gone through all the audio before starting to animate anything because it would’ve cost me a lot of time to have to rework the animation after it was already done.

Blog 7

When I interviewed for this position I remember that they asked me about what else interest me besides what I’m learning in school and I answered photography and animation. This peeked their interest because of course they work with animation so they asked me whose your favorite company or director and I mentioned Studio Ghibli which is the famous Japanese animation company with the director Hayao Miyazaki who’s made various break throughs with animation and is considered the Father of Animation.

I believe because I was able to connect with the similar interests to my supervisor that it helped me get my internship and of course they saw my portfolio and they had actually remembered me from looking at the final piece of work I had which was a photograph of physical typography that I did.

During my internship because of the very similar interest we had I had many conversation about the current movies that were out and my supervisor even suggested films on Netflix to watch like The Little Prince. I think this made it easier for me to settle in so quickly into the company and be able to eel comfortable to go to my supervisor to as for advice or help with my work because I was still constantly learning how to use Apple Motion.

Post 2

The culture of the work place is very busy since our company is inside a incubator space they have multipleĀ companies working on the same floor but in separate units and they Made in NY space has many events going on throughout the summer. They have this large chalkboard wall that shows the weekly scheduleĀ of the events happening there.

They use the lounge area to hold presentations and mini seminars, recently we had Youtube come and do a presentation on VR technology and it’s mostly because there is a company that works with VR and ha a small set up of cameras in the office. The area is very casual since it’s an incubator space and the space is a little cafe where people can eat which is next to the lounge and there also a theatre where they have screenings or even meetings with company members.

The hours of work are based on when the Made in NY center opens and closes or when the office closes early for holidays. The area around there is Dumbo and has a lot of places to go to so the people in the office tend Ā to go in and out to places to each and get coffee around the corner.

Post 1

The company that I’m interning for is Hyot St Production, its located in Dumbo in the Made in NY Center. The company is a small start up about 7 people. The work that they create is animations for learning videos on playing guitar but very in depth. They create 3D illustrated animation of guitars and hands and the motions of playing a guitar.

They use a software called Apple Motion that is something similar to Premiere and After Effects but just a cheaper alternative. They have a very specific audience that they target, people who are lady play guitar but want to play quickly and use different techniques that were created by famous guitarĀ  players and instead of show showing recorder footage of the technique they break it down with animation showing the techniques without a physical human handĀ  and slowing down the technique as so the viewers can understand.

The video content that they have are both free and then paid for they have two different services that allows viewers to view free content and then view a premiumĀ  service that is paid for to get longer and in depth videos on these topics. Their videos are a combination of recorded footage and animations combined with voice overs. Since the software is something I’ve never used I’ve had to learn how to use it during the process of working so far and my supervisor has helped to train me and also used Lynda to teach me some basics. The first week they have me some time to play around with the software to be able to learn and get a hold on the way the software works which has similar aspects to After Effects.