Post 4

My company is Hyot St Production and they have their subscription service that they provide called Cracking the code and it’s mostly based on how to play guitar faster and then different techniques like upward picking and downward picking. When I started this internship I didn’t know anything about guitars and the different types of pick playing but thats changed with this internship.

It’s really interesting I’ve had to basically learn from scratch the terms about the guitars and parts of the guitar to be able to create 3D illustrated versions to use on the videos. I’ve had to learn famous guitar players names and the types of guitars they used and the names that the guitars had themselves.

My typical day at the company is me and my supervisor coming in first to the office and then the rest of the team comes in later and I get a new voice over and script to start working on. I usually start by breaking us the audio first after reading through the script to be able to work with each individual phrase so that it can match up with what will be illustrated. So I break up the continues audio first and then start animating between each phrase. This also helps to sets the amount of time the animation would take because the voice over runs for say 5-9 seconds so that’s the amount of time I have animate everything before moving on to the next part.

After having set up most of the animated parts and set the movements where I want them to start and end. I then make the actual animation because it’s easier to get everything set up before actually animating it and it’s just incase something would happen to go wrong there would be a away to go back and change the timing or direction that the elements are going.