Blog 7

When I interviewed for this position I remember that they asked me about what else interest me besides what I’m learning in school and I answered photography and animation. This peeked their interest because of course they work with animation so they asked me whose your favorite company or director and I mentioned Studio Ghibli which is the famous Japanese animation company with the director Hayao Miyazaki who’s made various break throughs with animation and is considered the Father of Animation.

I believe because I was able to connect with the similar interests to my supervisor that it helped me get my internship and of course they saw my portfolio and they had actually remembered me from looking at the final piece of work I had which was a photograph of physical typography that I did.

During my internship because of the very similar interest we had I had many conversation about the current movies that were out and my supervisor even suggested films on Netflix to watch like The Little Prince. I think this made it easier for me to settle in so quickly into the company and be able to eel comfortable to go to my supervisor to as for advice or help with my work because I was still constantly learning how to use Apple Motion.