Post 6

There was one YouTube VR event that was held in the office and it was very interesting but of course so was the free pizza they served. The mini seminar that they held was basically going on during the lunch hour and was talking about the new ways that YouTube is incorporating VR online.

We’ve all seen something similar it like the Facebook 360 videos where you can move your phone around to see different angles of the video while it continuously plays. The seminar was mostly on using this same software to make video gaming on YouTube be much more in depth.

Since the office already has such a causal atmosphere the information at the seminar was very serious but the presenters were making it light and easier to listen to because there are a lot of logistics that go with the technology of VR that not everyone would understand like myself and they made it so I was able to follow what they were saying. The seminar was held in a lounge area so was very comfortable to just pop in even if it had already started. I believe that the Made In NY Center is made in a way that just allows every company in the space be able to come together and interact even if they are separate companies that might do completely different things. It allows for networking to happen.