Blog 8

On a more recent project that I was working on I had received a new audio file and script to start working on for a new animation segment for the video. While I was listening to the audio and breaking each section up on Apple Motion I noticed that the audio didn’t match up with the written out on the script and that there was something mixed up. So first I double check where the audio change and didn’t match up and then I marked it and told my supervisor about it.

He then listened to the audio and read the script and realized that I was right and that the audio wasn’t matching up so he then spoke to our copywriter who also recorded the audio voice overs and he was very skeptical about having made that mistake because he had written and recorded it all.

I remember thinking that it was an awkward situation since I had to point out his mistake and he didn’t believe that he was capable to make such mistake and that I had to wait while he listened to the audio and found the mistake I had pointed out. After he realized that there was definitely a mix up he sorted out how to fix the script to match the audio file and rewrote the descriptions for the animation.

Luckily I had gone through all the audio before starting to animate anything because it would’ve cost me a lot of time to have to rework the animation after it was already done.