Post 5

On a typical day at Hyot st I’m working on the audio I received and trying to get all the timing down for the audio so mostly individual work.

We do collaborate at least 2-3 times a week to figure out exactly what’s gonna be on the next video and to brain storm ideas of the backgrounds and other little things that just is used to fill in long moments of talking in the videos like a scene had 3 famous players, basically rock stars that were having breakfast and we created cereal boxes specifically to reference the albums of music of each player which the audience really enjoys.

We also did some things like animate they each or drinking coffee etc. This was the part of work that was really fun. The guys at the company always want to incorporate puns into the videos because their audience appreciates the humor in the videos since it’s always specific about music and guitars. They have this very specific audience and they know how to address them to keep their subscribers happy and coming back for more.