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The company that I’m interning for is Hyot St Production, its located in Dumbo in the Made in NY Center. The company is a small start up about 7 people. The work that they create is animations for learning videos on playing guitar but very in depth. They create 3D illustrated animation of guitars and hands and the motions of playing a guitar.

They use a software called Apple Motion that is something similar to Premiere and After Effects but just a cheaper alternative. They have a very specific audience that they target, people who are lady play guitar but want to play quickly and use different techniques that were created by famous guitarĀ  players and instead of show showing recorder footage of the technique they break it down with animation showing the techniques without a physical human handĀ  and slowing down the technique as so the viewers can understand.

The video content that they have are both free and then paid for they have two different services that allows viewers to view free content and then view a premiumĀ  service that is paid for to get longer and in depth videos on these topics. Their videos are a combination of recorded footage and animations combined with voice overs. Since the software is something I’ve never used I’ve had to learn how to use it during the process of working so far and my supervisor has helped to train me and also used Lynda to teach me some basics. The first week they have me some time to play around with the software to be able to learn and get a hold on the way the software works which has similar aspects to After Effects.