Post 2

The culture of the work place is very busy since our company is inside a incubator space they have multipleĀ companies working on the same floor but in separate units and they Made in NY space has many events going on throughout the summer. They have this large chalkboard wall that shows the weekly scheduleĀ of the events happening there.

They use the lounge area to hold presentations and mini seminars, recently we had Youtube come and do a presentation on VR technology and it’s mostly because there is a company that works with VR and ha a small set up of cameras in the office. The area is very casual since it’s an incubator space and the space is a little cafe where people can eat which is next to the lounge and there also a theatre where they have screenings or even meetings with company members.

The hours of work are based on when the Made in NY center opens and closes or when the office closes early for holidays. The area around there is Dumbo and has a lot of places to go to so the people in the office tend Ā to go in and out to places to each and get coffee around the corner.