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Block Series, introduction of the series (part 1of4)

One of the things that bloggers usually do is to write a series on a subject. The reason for the series is to keep the information going so that the readers can have a complete knowledge or the full story of what is being written.  For this assignment, I will write a series that will give people steps they can take to protect their personal information either online or not and how they protect their  money and themselves when using the ATM. The series can fully be view by anyone.

Part 1 can be view by clicking here

 Part 2 can be view by clicking here

Part 3 can be view by clicking here



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Guest post

This blog is not just about me writing on something I like or want to do but one the thing that professor made sure we did was to write on another student blog as a way to learn about the topic of one of our fellow classmate. To view the full post click here.


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Letting Go

Life is not always honey and milk, sometimes we go through hard time, well, that’s life. A lot of people believe that going through tough time is a way for us to learn and to appreciate what we have. As human beings, we may face different type of hard situations but most of the time we find it very difficult to move on or to let go of something that happened in the past. I’m not saying it is easy to let go of something someone did to you but the more you hold grudges against someone the less you will progress. Now let say that you committed something that was really bad and you had paid for what you have done but even after year/s of the situation you are still going over what happened, you then become scared to move on because you are not able to forget what happened and learn from it then move on because at the end of the days “life goes on” and I don’t think that holding on past mistakes or events will help anyone to grow and move on.

Letting go can be a good thing to help us to be stress free of certain situations. I believe that if we don’t learn to let go will place ourselves in situations where we will not see any change or growth in our lives. Being able to let go of something can take a lot of courage. Letting go can also be viewed as a way to forgive either yourself or someone who did you wrong. If you find hard to let go you can pray about it or if you don’t believe in prayers you can talk to counselors, friends and family members that can help you go to the process Learn to Let go and I’m sure it will be very beneficial for your life. We also have to remember as long as we are on earth breathing we will always face tough situation one way or the other so if we don’t let go of them we will get to a point where we will be overwhelming and that can lead to some severe health problems. As Dewayne Woods said in his song, Let go and Let God.” You can listen to the song by clicking here

It is worth saying that this post is a response of Chris Brogan from “100 blog topics I hope  you write. ” To view the whole list you can click here.

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Protect your information online(part 4of4)

A lot of us now days use the internet to do a lot of things, whether to shop or to take care our financial business. While we are using it we can be victim of identity thefts if we are not be careful on how we use it. I now I will give some steps that can help anyone to have a more peaceful experience when using the internet.

  • When shopping online use a well known website
  • Always look at the bottom of the webpage and make sure you notice an icon of a lock and on the website you should notice something like this https://
  • Make sure your computer has anti virus
  • Choose password that is unusual; avoid using your name or date of birth.
  • Secure your wifi,  put a password on your wifi to prevent people from using it or hack your system
  • Do not use a public computer or wifi to make purchase
  • Check your bank account statement to make sure there is no suspicious activities or any unknown withdraw
  • Do not share your password with anyone.
  • Do not share your personal information on social media.
  • If you do online banking do not open link that is suspicious and avoid using unsecured location
  • Remember to logout after viewing your account
  • Check your statement regularly
  • Make sure your computer is well secured 


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Mission Statement

Who is watching you without you knowing it?


This is a question that everyone should take a moment to think about. In a world where recording devices are everywhere, there is no doubt that people are watching every moves we make. It is very clear that the USA government is installing cameras all over the country in order to “watch over the nation” but at the same time, you have ordinary people who are using electronic devices where hackers, installing cameras or devices or knowledgeable people can see every move that we (ordinary people) make. I am establishing this blog to inform people about the exposure of their privacy in this technological world that we are living in. My hope is to let technology users know the simple steps they can take to protect themselves from potential threats, from identity theft to stealing a pin number at an ATM machine. I want these users to be able to limit or prevent other people from spying on them and viewing personal texts messages, emails and so on. My audience is everyone but more specifically the adults who are using this technology but have no idea what can happen to their identity or their privacy.  I also want to reach to those who almost do everything online, from shopping to paying bills, and finally I want to reach to business owners and how they can better protect their employees’ identities.

My message to my readers is to be vigilant and be aware of the negative consequences that can happen by using the technology. It is also important to keep in mind that I don’t want to scare people away from technology because once people hear that other people can see and know what they are doing, some of them might be scared to use this technology. I want to educate my readers and how they can be stress free when using technology. The title of the blog is going to help me to find out more about the devices or equipments that are available on the market and know their functions. I believe that by asking a question it will make the readers want to know the answer and that will make them more interested about the subject, and they will encourage them to learn more about the subject. No one likes the fact that anyone (strangers or not) to know their privacy and have access to what they are doing and viewing. I can’t really say that my blog is going to address my professional field, but I think that it’s a good subject to have knowledge on, especially since I’m studying Telecommunication Engineering Technology, I believe that it will make sense for me to stay up to date with the communication world and also share my knowledge to those who do not know.


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Secure Your Personal Information (part 3of 4)

There are many reasons why everyone should keep their personal information very secure. People can use your personal information to damage your credit or reputation, therefore it is advised that you secure them.

  • Do not walk with your social security card with you, leave it at home. Never give the number over the phone.
  • Do not walk with all your band or credit card with you, only take the one(s) you need
  • Never give your debit or credit card’s PIN number to strangers or over the phone
  • Don’t provide your Social Security number, bank account number or credit card number to anyone who contacts you through telephone solicitation.
  • Keep all your financial documents somewhere people don’t have access to.
  • Make sure to either shred or throw away important financial papers.
  • Report any lost debit or credit card to the card provider.
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Someone or something is always watching us…

watched     No matter where you turn in this world someone or something is monitoring your every moment.  With digital foot print anyone can be tracked.  For example when you walk into a public place with such as a mall, security cameres can track everywhere you visit in the mall.  Where ever there is a camera, you are being tracked.  Camera tracking has helped law enforcement agency track criminals, and for preverts to they use it spy on someone for the wrong reasons.


When you shop online on such sites as Amazon, eBay or any online retailor these sites keep tracking of how much you are spending, what types of items you purchase, and how often you make online purchases.  Online websites use this critical information to do targeted based advertising products which you might want to purchase.  You will see this advertising through emails recommending you something you might like or might be on sale to purchase.  Also, when you visit the site there might be a pop redirecting you to a particular item or site of the website that might be of interest to you.  There is no such thing as privacy as to what you buy anymore.  When you use your credit card.  Credit card companies might increase your spending limit(“allowing you to build up more debt, money that you do not have to pay back on time to avoid interest fees”).  Credit card companies sometimes sell your information to companies who are interested in the items you purchase. 

 Person of Interest Timeline 2012

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Protecting yourself and your cash at the Automated Teller Machine (ATM)!! (part2 of 4)

We are living in a a world where stealing has become easier and easier with the help of technology. This series will give people some ideas on how they can protect themselves from thieves either online or not. It is very important for all of us to be aware of the threats that exist with tecnology but it is also very important for technology users to have the knowledge and be able to protect themselves. This series will be focus on how people can protect their identity, personal information and their money in this technological world.

In today’s society we do a lot of wired money transaction, whether we are paying for something, sending money to someone, pay bills or reviewing our bank account, almost all of us do it one form or the other. The ATM machine is a machine that is used by almost everyone who have a bank account. There have been report about people getting robbed at ATM. The fact that ATM machines are almost everywhere now it becomes easier and easier for thieves to attack and steal from people at the ATM machine. Below are some steps anyone can use to prevent being a victim of thieves at ATM machines:

  •  If using an ATM machine at night time, scan the area where you are to make sure there is not no suspicious activities
  •   If you suspect any suspicious activities cancel your transaction and leave. Make sure you inform that to your bank about what happened.
  • Do not spend a lot of time at the machine
  • Try to avoid using ATM that are located in dark area
  • If there are people around, cover the keyboard when entering your Personal Identification Number(PIN)
  • Do not re enter your PIN if the machine swallow your card
  • Memorize your PIN number, never write it on a piece of paper or behind your card
  • Always take a receipt and do not count your money in front of the machine, just take the money and the receipt and leave. You can count the money in your car or when you get home or somewhere else.
  •  if you are driving and  you suspect that you are following by someone after leaving the ATM machine, notify the autorities or if you are walking try look for a safe place or a group of people or someone, then notify authorities.
  • Do not allow people to help you out by giving them your PIN number,  people can assist only by helping you with the selection.
  • If using a drive up ATM machine make sure you lock all your doors and close all the windows except yours. Also, make sure your engine is running.
  • If you are going to use an indoor ATM where you have to use your card to open the door, do not let anyone enter behind you, once you are inside make sure the door is locked
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Hello world!

Welcome to CityTech Sites. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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