Protecting yourself and your cash at the Automated Teller Machine (ATM)!! (part2 of 4)

We are living in a a world where stealing has become easier and easier with the help of technology. This series will give people some ideas on how they can protect themselves from thieves either online or not. It is very important for all of us to be aware of the threats that exist with tecnology but it is also very important for technology users to have the knowledge and be able to protect themselves. This series will be focus on how people can protect their identity, personal information and their money in this technological world.

In today’s society we do a lot of wired money transaction, whether we are paying for something, sending money to someone, pay bills or reviewing our bank account, almost all of us do it one form or the other. The ATM machine is a machine that is used by almost everyone who have a bank account. There have been report about people getting robbed at ATM. The fact that ATM machines are almost everywhere now it becomes easier and easier for thieves to attack and steal from people at the ATM machine. Below are some steps anyone can use to prevent being a victim of thieves at ATM machines:

  •  If using an ATM machine at night time, scan the area where you are to make sure there is not no suspicious activities
  •   If you suspect any suspicious activities cancel your transaction and leave. Make sure you inform that to your bank about what happened.
  • Do not spend a lot of time at the machine
  • Try to avoid using ATM that are located in dark area
  • If there are people around, cover the keyboard when entering your Personal Identification Number(PIN)
  • Do not re enter your PIN if the machine swallow your card
  • Memorize your PIN number, never write it on a piece of paper or behind your card
  • Always take a receipt and do not count your money in front of the machine, just take the money and the receipt and leave. You can count the money in your car or when you get home or somewhere else.
  •  if you are driving and  you suspect that you are following by someone after leaving the ATM machine, notify the autorities or if you are walking try look for a safe place or a group of people or someone, then notify authorities.
  • Do not allow people to help you out by giving them your PIN number,  people can assist only by helping you with the selection.
  • If using a drive up ATM machine make sure you lock all your doors and close all the windows except yours. Also, make sure your engine is running.
  • If you are going to use an indoor ATM where you have to use your card to open the door, do not let anyone enter behind you, once you are inside make sure the door is locked
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