Letting Go

Life is not always honey and milk, sometimes we go through hard time, well, that’s life. A lot of people believe that going through tough time is a way for us to learn and to appreciate what we have. As human beings, we may face different type of hard situations but most of the time we find it very difficult to move on or to let go of something that happened in the past. I’m not saying it is easy to let go of something someone did to you but the more you hold grudges against someone the less you will progress. Now let say that you committed something that was really bad and you had paid for what you have done but even after year/s of the situation you are still going over what happened, you then become scared to move on because you are not able to forget what happened and learn from it then move on because at the end of the days “life goes on” and I don’t think that holding on past mistakes or events will help anyone to grow and move on.

Letting go can be a good thing to help us to be stress free of certain situations. I believe that if we don’t learn to let go will place ourselves in situations where we will not see any change or growth in our lives. Being able to let go of something can take a lot of courage. Letting go can also be viewed as a way to forgive either yourself or someone who did you wrong. If you find hard to let go you can pray about it or if you don’t believe in prayers you can talk to counselors, friends and family members that can help you go to the process Learn to Let go and I’m sure it will be very beneficial for your life. We also have to remember as long as we are on earth breathing we will always face tough situation one way or the other so if we don’t let go of them we will get to a point where we will be overwhelming and that can lead to some severe health problems. As Dewayne Woods said in his song, Let go and Let God.” You can listen to the song by clicking here

It is worth saying that this post is a response of Chris Brogan from “100 blog topics I hope  you write. ” To view the whole list you can click here.

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