Someone or something is always watching us…

watched     No matter where you turn in this world someone or something is monitoring your every moment.  With digital foot print anyone can be tracked.  For example when you walk into a public place with such as a mall, security cameres can track everywhere you visit in the mall.  Where ever there is a camera, you are being tracked.  Camera tracking has helped law enforcement agency track criminals, and for preverts to they use it spy on someone for the wrong reasons.


When you shop online on such sites as Amazon, eBay or any online retailor these sites keep tracking of how much you are spending, what types of items you purchase, and how often you make online purchases.¬† Online websites use this critical information to do targeted based advertising products which you might want to purchase.¬† You will¬†see this advertising through emails recommending you something you might like or might be on sale to purchase.¬† Also, when you visit the site there might be a pop redirecting you to¬†a particular¬†item or site of the website that might¬†be of interest¬†to you.¬† There is no such thing as privacy as to what you buy anymore.¬† When¬†you use your credit card.¬† Credit card companies might increase your spending limit(“allowing you to build¬†up more debt, money that you do not have to pay back on time to avoid interest fees”).¬† Credit card companies¬†sometimes¬†sell your information to companies who¬†are interested in the items you purchase.¬†

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