Advantage of VOIP

Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) is a revolutionary in the communication system that allows people to communicate with friends and love ones for a low price or free of charge. By installing specific software one is able not only to make phone calls to one person but it is possible to have many people on the line at the same time. This is a money saving system especially for people who are living in a different country with the rest of their family. As someone who come from another country one of the main issues we have when calling overseas is the issue of how many minutes I have when I buy a phone card to make a call but with VOIP I have unlimited time. VOIP is not beneficial for families but also for businesses. This system allows businesses to have conference with other headquarters or employees wherever they may be in the world. It allows its users to make call in a faster and cheaper way. By installing the software people don’t need a phone line from a company, all they need is internet connection and they are ready to go. One other benefit of this system is that you can access your phone’s system anywhere there is a broadband connection. This gives the users easy access and the ability to contact other people in a faster and easy method.



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